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Franchisee other than a doctor.[ i e Ayurveda shop etc] 

Rules & Regulations for Opening Franchise of
Trust Chikitsa Charitable Trust Ayush Ayurveda Centre.

ChikitsaSansarCharitable Trust Are working in health and education segment.It is going to develop health services in ayurvedic Consultation (Online Consultation) and treatment availability of Ayurvedic Medicines, Food Products and cosmetic Items and running ParmathikShikshanSansthan Trust will appoint its authorised Retailer/ Franchise on following terms and conditions:

  1. The name of the shop will be kept “”& will be got registered with the Trade Tax Authority and if already registered, change the name in Trade Tax & Bank records.
  2. The name & style of Sign Board of “Ayushcom” will be as per format provided by the Chikitsa Charitable Trust in soft copy at the time of Agreement between two parties.
  3. It is necessary to acquire Desktop or laptop,Internet connection for online consultation facility , Printer. Well Equipped Office required which is easy to reach.
  4. The Retailer will not make available any product for sale other than the products of Ayush Ayurveda Centre or products permitted to sale by Ayushcom at Chikitsalya mentioned in clause (2)
  5. All the goods will be supplied to the Retailer /centeragainst D.Ds. favouring “Shri Chikitsasansaar Charitable Trust, Ujjain.
  6. An Inspector authorized by the Chikitsasansaar Charitable Trust will have right to inspect the premises of the Retailer as and when required.
  7. The Retailer will deposit a sum of Rs. 50,000/- (Rupees fifty thousand only) for rural area / Rs. 1,00,000/- (Rupees one Lac Only) for Urban area. Return Condition if franchisee will leave authorization.

        a) 1st Year- 30% less

        b) 2nd Year- 20% less

        c) 3rd Year above – 10% less of deposit amt

        Yearly Charges are as per agreement.

The deposit amount is basic amount. It can be vary as per goodwill or condition of trust. If extra amount will be deposited that will be donation to trust.

  1. The expiry of medicines or other products or material of substandard quality will not be replaced or settled by Chikitsa Charitable Trust.
  2. The Trade discount to the Retailer will be given as under :
  3. On Medicines 10% or above on M.R.P. as per availability by manufacturer
  4. On Consultation 25% on M.R.P.
  5. The Retailer/centre shall not sell any product at more than M.R.P.
  6. The Retailer will maintain its books of A/c properly as per law.
  7. The Retailer shall not sell these products for further sale, expect to the branches which are permitted in writing by the Chikitsa Charitable Trust.
  8. The expenses for advertising at local level will be borne by the Retailer & at National level by the Chikitsa Charitable Trust
  9. In case of violation of any term/condition, the Sansthan will have a right to cancel the Retailer ship without serving any notice in advance.
  10. First an agreement will be signed between two parties, initially for the duration of 3 yrs. and further renewable for the succeeding terms.
  11. As depends on trust working, if it will converted into company in future, then members of trust get the share in the company and they become shareholders of the company as per the terms and conditions of trust.

If anyone desires to become the Retailer/ open a new Ayush Ayurveda Centre. may apply to Mr. Ashok Kumar Khandelwal, Chikitsa Charitable Trust at 125 Kanthal Chouraha Kotwali Road, Ujjain (M.P) Telephone : 0734-2553436 Mobile : 094250-92492,  on plain paper along with following documents:

  1. Location of shop, where one intends to open Centre.
  2. Photo of shop, where one intends to open Centre.
  3. Population of city, where one desires to open Ayurveda Centre. Also state whether any other such Centre is already in the same city, if yes, then how many kilometres away from your shop.
  4. Xerox copy of statement of bank account of last three months.

I accept all terms and condition

Applicant Signature

Ayush Center
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