M.D.(Ayurveda)Kaychitiksa ,Ph.D.(Ayurveda.), Yoga Expert.

Professor & HOD – Panchkarm,YMT Ayurvedic medical college-Kharghar

Institutional area, Sector-4,Navi Mumbai.

Ex. Principal, Govt. Dhanwantari Ayurveda College, Ujjain (M.P.)Ex. Professor & H.O.D. P.G. Department of Kaya Chiktisa (Panchkarma), Govt. Dhanwantari

Ayurveda College, Ujjain (M.P)dr  u s nigam

EDUCATIONAL  (1)  B.A.M.S.(Ayurvedacharya) passed in 1973 Ravishankar University, Raipur (Chhatisgarh). QUALIFICATION:-(2) M.D. (Ayu) Post Graduate Degree Awarded in 1981 from Gujrat  Ayurved University Jamnagar.

(3) Ph.D.(Ayu) Awarded in 1989 from Ravishankar University, Raipur (Chhatisgarh)

(4) Certificate in Yoga Awarded in 1996 from Vikram University, Ujjain (M.P.)

(5) Certificate of Development Programme in Training Techniques from  Academy of

Administration Bhopal (M.P.)

(6) Certificate of Training in Administration Finance etc. from Co-operative Administration

training Institute, Indore (M.P.)

AWARD:- (1) Gold Medal in  -B.A.M.S.   / M.D. (Ayurveda) Kaychikitsa  , Yoga Certificate ,

(2) Ayurveda Manishi – Given by M.P. Ayurveda Adhikari Sangh.

(3) Ayurveda Prabhakar – Given by Avantika Deshi Chikitsa Mandal Ujjain

(4) Pratibha Samman – Given by Govt. Ayurvedic College Raipur through Governor of Chattisgarh


(1) Submission of M.D. (Ayu) & Ph.D. Thesis.

(2) Author of

*   “Panchkarma – Nirdeshika”

*   “Vishisht Rogo Main Panchkarma (Swanubhoot)”

*   “Clinical Panchkarma-99”

*    “Panchkarma Chikitsa Series” (In Ayurved Sandesh Monthly Newspaper of  M.P.Govt. Ayurved Adhikari Sangh)

(3) About 100 Research Papers Published in different National Ayurvedic Magazines.

(4) Many Article in Ayurvedic Chikitsa Published in News Paper Regularly.


(1) President of “National Academy of Panchkarma & Research”, Ahmedabad

(2) Chief Adviser of  – Bhartiya Chikitsa Academy”, Ujjain , “Sambhavana Trust”, Bhopal.

(3) Chief Convenor of “Reorientation Training Programme of  Panchkarm at Ujjain M.P., approx. 100 Ayurvedic Medical Officer had  been trianed during this training”

(4) Post Graduate Examiner in Various University of India

(5) Participation as a “Panchkarma Specialist” about 500 Ayurvedic Chikitsa & Nidan Camp in all over India.

(6) Sincere efforts for recognising Govt. Dhanvantary Ayurveda College as Model College and Hospital from Central Govt.

(7) Sincere efforts for establishing post graduate course in 3 Subject Govt. Dhanvantary Ayurveda College, Ujjain (M.P.)

(8) Consultant Ayurvedic Physician of V.I.P. Personality of M.P. Government.

(9) Perticipant as informal on Panchakarma WHO.

(10) Worked as Nodal Officer in Sinhasta 2004


(1) Worked as R.M.O. in Govt. Ayurvedic College & hospital Raipur (C.G.) from 07/12/74 to  30/6/75.

(2) Lecturer in Panchkarma (P.G. Dept.) in Govt. Ayurvedic College, Raipur from                01/07/75 to 10/03/85.

(3)Reader in Panchakarm (P.G. Dept.) in Govt. Ayurveda Callege, Raipur from 11/03/85 to 03/01/90

(4)Professor in Kaya Chikitsa (P.G. Dept). in Govt. Dhanwantary  Ayurvedic College, Ujjain (M.P.) from 04/01/90 to Continue.

(5) Incharge Principal of Govt. Ayurvedic College Ujjain (M.P.) from  20/07/99 to 28/01/2000, 12/12/2003 to 15/12/2003, 4/1/2004 to 1/6/2005,

(6) Parmanent  Principal of Govt. Ayurvedic College Ujjain (M.P.) from 18-07-2009 t0 31.12.10,

(7) About 60 Post Graduate thesis completed under supervision & Guidance.

(8)About 100 Guest lectures, Keynote Addresses and Research Paper have been             presented in different national seminars all over India.

(9) Active participation as a Chair – person and Co-Chairperson in different National Seminars.

(10) Active Participation as a Resource person in Reorientation Training programme as well as CME organized by Govt. of India in different Ayurvedic institutions.

Dr. U.S. Nigam  Email – umashankernigam@rediffmail.com

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